“They have a deep understanding of the real estate business and the nuances of government processes of each county in their territory. They have successfully helped our company navigate the complicated real estate entitlement process and complete our buildings on time and on budget.”

– Michael Sheedy, Senior VP, Development
Preston Scheffenacker Properties

"IA is more of a partner than a service provider. They are an integral part of day to day operations and our overall strategic planning. The dedication and attention they afford us has been invaluable to our success and continued growth."

- Josie M. Geiger, Vice President
Contractor: BION

"We have found the knowledge possessed by IA of the surety industry and the Greater Washington DC construction marketplace to be unparalleled, even when compared to the national brokerage firms."

- Brett McMahon, CEO
Contractor: Miller and Long

"We have relied on IA to provide us with an insurance program that we value as an intricate part of our business model. They have delivered for us."

- Michael B. Goheen, CFO
360 H Street, Washington, DC
Owner: Steuart Investment Company

"When I first started with my company they were already working with IA. Now over 5 years later and several benefit changes later the people at IA continue to provide me with the service I have come to appreciate."

- Denise Roberts, Director of Human Resources
Government Contractor: AOC Solutions

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Insurance Associates

Insurance Associates is a full service agency specializing in risk management in the construction industry. Our Business Insurance Agents provide clients with a complete array of services including surety bonding, commercial insurance, risk management, employee benefits, life and personal insurance coverage. Our Employee Benefits Division is proud to announce our latest partnership with United Benefit Advisors (UBA). This partnership will allow our clients to experience the comfort of working with a local advisor and the confidence that comes with the backing of a national organization. Being a partner in the UBA network enables us to share wisdom and harness the collaborative power of thousands of benefit experts throughout the nation and use this information to help our clients.

IA Blog

Space Heaters – How to Keep Your Home and Business Safe This Winter

Space Heaters – How to Keep Your Home and Business Safe This WinterIt is almost that time of year again.  The time of the year when the weather turns cold and families and businesses use a variety of options to keep warm.  A popular choice is the use of a space heater.  Every year there’s stories about a home or business burning down because of a space heater.  As you have probably heard before, homes and buildings can be rebuilt, lives can’t. A widely talked about rule suggests keeping a minimum of 3 feet between the space heater Read More...

Don’t Get Hosed By Your Water Damage Claim

Don’t Get Hosed By Your Water Damage ClaimWe all have a monster lurking in our walls, under our floors and above our ceilings.  Water seems so nice coming out of the faucet into our cup, or when waking us up in the shower each morning.  However, when a pipe ruptures, a fitting fails, or toilet overflows, it can ruin your day, and wreck your business. If your business is housed in a multi-unit development, especially a multi- level building, you are also surrounded by your neighbor’s plumbing and a mishap in their space Read More...

The Medical Marijuana Dilemma – RX for Workers Compensation Disaster?

The Medical Marijuana Dilemma – RX for Workers Compensation Disaster?The National Council on Compensation Insurance has addressed the issue of Medical Marijuana in two recently released articles with three still to come.  The series is titled “The Marijuana Conversation”.  The first two installments covered the questions that insurers are asking and the questions the employers are asking.  The third installment will cover the questions that employees are asking.  This is a topical issue with no easy answers to these questions.  Many states have voted to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use which has Read More...

The Reality of the 100 year flood – Separating Myth From Fact

The Reality of the 100 year flood – Separating Myth From FactBy now everyone has seen footage of the devastating flooding in Southeast Texas from Hurricane Harvey.  It seems like there’s always some catastrophic flooding somewhere in the US frequently.  Various terms relating to floods and insurance are thrown around; such as 100 year flood, flood plain, FEMA flood maps, etc.  It probably seems odd when you hear that some place has had a 100 year flood, but you remember how it seemed like yesterday that same place had another 100 year flood.  How can that Read More...

OSHA Proposes New Deadline for Electronic Reporting Rule

OSHA Proposes New Deadline for Electronic Reporting RuleIn 2016, OSHA issued a final rule that requires certain employers to submit data from their injury and illness records (forms 300, 300A and 301) electronically so it can be posted on the agency’s website. Although the rule initially required affected employers to submit this data by July 1, 2017, OSHA recently proposed a new deadline of December 1, 2017.  Today simply not participating is not an option, this is a rule that is REQUIRED, let us help you follow this new mandate. The proposed deadline Read More...

Decreasing Preventable Auto Accidents: Key to Fighting Rising Commercial Auto Premiums

Decreasing Preventable Auto Accidents: Key to Fighting Rising Commercial Auto PremiumsCommercial auto insurance rates are increasing due to a significant spike in accidents in the last few years. More miles are being driven (about 3%) which combined with other factors, has led to a significant increase in commercial auto claims across the industry. The increase in miles driven is not linear to commercial vehicle accident rates. The increase in accidents is actually much higher than the increase in miles driven. As a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, it is more important than ever Read More...

Internal Controls: Critical to Safeguarding Assets From Employee Fraud/Theft

Internal Controls: Critical to Safeguarding Assets From Employee Fraud/TheftEmployee fraud/theft frequency and severity continues to rise for all sizes of business each year.  Companies that have less than 100 employees are especially vulnerable, as that employer size has the highest percentage of frequency of fraud/thefts and the highest median amount stolen.  The single biggest denominator in almost all cases is the lack of internal controls that the company had in place.  As I will explain below, implementing the right internal controls can be the difference between experiencing a large theft and protecting those Read More...

The Scary Truth about Cyber Security Breaches

The Scary Truth about Cyber Security BreachesData breaches and the lack of proper cyber security continue to threaten businesses of all sizes, but the rate in which businesses properly respond to such threats with the appropriate insurance coverages remains underwhelming. 50% of U.S. firms do not have cyber risk insurance. 27% of U.S. executives say their firms have no plans to obtain cyber insurance, even though 61% of them expect cyber breaches to continue to increase in the next year. Even among those that have insurance, only 16% reported having cybersecurity insurance that Read More...

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming Pool Safety TipsWith warmer weather comes an array of outdoor activities for the whole family, including cooling off in a pool if you are lucky enough to have one. But with a pool also comes the responsibility of safety must-haves and best practices that any parent or home owner should be concerned with. With over 200 young children drowning in backyard pools each year, these tips are critical to ensuring a fun environment for anyone who owns a pool to keep both their friends and family safe Read More...

American Workforce Drug Use at a 12 Year High

American Workforce Drug Use at a 12 Year HighAccording to the annual Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index, positivity in drug testing in the combined American workforce is the highest since 2004.  In 2016 there was a five percent increase over the prior year.  This was fueled by illicit drugs including cocaine.  This troubling increase was found among all testing specimens among virtually all sectors of business. From an employer perspective, the reasons for an employer to create a safe and drug-free workplace are clear.  This is especially the case for employers in the trades Read More...

Pollution Coverage! What could happen?

Pollution Coverage! What could happen?As I meet with clients and we discuss coverages that are available and recommended, we always get to pollution coverage and the question always arises, “What are my exposures to pollution as a fill in the blank contractor?”  As you will see below, these scenarios in real-life settings are not unbelievable situations, but rather real life happenings that are common within each trade’s routine scope of work.  Pollution coverage should be considered to protect your business.  In addition to your need, we are starting to Read More...

Facts You Should Know For Distracted Driving Month

Facts You Should Know For Distracted Driving MonthApril is distracted driving awareness month.  Society has been lulled into a sense of security in that as long as one is using a hands-free device while driving that there’s no risk.  While this may be the law in many states, the reality is that the risk of crashing when talking on a hands-free phone conversation is about 4 times greater than when not using a phone at all while driving.  The TV show “Mythbusters” found that driving while using a hands-free device is as Read More...

The American Healthcare Act: What Does it Repeal and What is the Replacement?

The American Healthcare Act: What Does it Repeal and What is the Replacement?There has been much in the news regarding the proposed American Healthcare Act that is currently making its way to the House for a vote. Proponents think it is the answer to issues people have had with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Critics are concerned it either does not go far enough to repeal the Affordable Care Act and/or it may result in higher costs and loss of coverage. So, let’s take a look at what the American Healthcare Act, as it stands today, does NOT Read More...


PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TRILLION DOLLAR INFRASTRUCTURE PLANThere is high expectation and generally strong political support for the Infrastructure Plan that President Trump has promised to announce shortly. Although the need to repair and replace the aging United States infrastructure is clear, the details of the promised Plan are somewhat vague, especially in regards to funding and project selection. To hopefully provide some insight, recently the Kansas City Star, A McClatchy Newspaper, published a “top 50” priority list of the infrastructure projects reportedly in the Trump Plan. The summary of the 50 Read More...

5 HR Compliance Resolutions for 2017

5 HR Compliance Resolutions for 2017As you may have heard, the Senate and the House have passed budget resolutions that instruct Congressional committees to begin working on legislation to repeal parts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Additionally, President Trump has signed an executive order calling upon federal administrative agencies to minimize the economic burden of the ACA, pending repeal of the law.  While we do not have a crystal ball so we can’t predict what changes are coming, it is a new year and a good Read More...


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