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Marsh & McLennan Agency, known locally as Insurance Associates Blog
Work Injury Claim Form

Q&A: What lessons can contractors take away from a recent insurance claim you’ve encountered?

“ABC’s Construction Executive”


A recent workers compensation claim involving a crushed pinkie finger was a great example of how valuable a vigorous Return to Work program can be.

In this instance the employer worked closely with the treating doctor and insurance carrier to ensure that they offered a modified duty position that fell well within the worker’s medical limitations.

The employer went so far as offering per diem and hotel accommodations since the temporary position was outside the worker’s usual working territory. Furthermore,  they collaborated with the carrier to relocate his physical therapy to a facility close to the new job location.

Although the worker declined the position and appealed for continued Temporary Total Disability  benefits, the hearing examiner found that the claimant voluntarily limited his income and was not entitled to the requested benefits.

Besides mitigating malingering, effective RTW programs also enhance morale, productivity and retention of valuable workers.

Also getting injured workers back to duty before the lost time waiting period runs, which ranges from 3-7 days depending on state, can make a huge impact on your workers compensation premiums because most state rating bureaus discount “medical only” claims up to 70% when calculating your Experience Modification Factor.

Bill Evans, AIC
Director of Claims
Marsh & McLennan Agency, known locally as Insurance Associates Company

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